The children started their unit on hockey by learning how to hold the stick properly and practising a bit of dribbling. There was some really good control on display, but plenty of things to improve as well.


Year Four were fabulous today in their first gymnastics lesson. We watched some Olympic floor displays and then tried to practise some balances. We even tried to think about the transitions between balances, in the same way a proper gymnast would. 

Y3 Hockey

Y3 Hockey from Leamore Primary School on Vimeo.

The children have started to use hockey sticks and today, they were practising passing and control. It was hard, but the children improved quickly (judging by the amount of balls that I had to collect!) By the end of the lesson, lots of children were controlling the ball well and passing in the right direction. Not bad for children who only picked up a hockey stick two weeks ago!

Black Country Dance Hub’s Autumn Dance Festival at Forest Arts

What an amazing performance our after-school dance club delivered at Forest Arts Autumn Dance Festival earlier this evening.

Leamore Primary School dancers proudly present…

Title: Follow My Lead

Music: Shape of You (Ed Sheeran)

A huge thank you to Courtney, our fabulous Black Country Dance Hub teacher, for choreographing our dance!

Please vote for Black Country Dance Hub in the AVIVA Awards so that they can start a regular dance group at Forest Arts Centre for young people with a disability:


Over these last two weeks, Year Three and Four have started their hockey lessons. We have learned how to hold our sticks; dribble, pass and control the ball. The children have been fabulous so far and I can’t wait to get into competition with them!

What is a Gymnast?

Today, Year Five started their journey to improve their gymnastic skills. We watched a highlight reel of Max Whitlock, Olympic champion in Rio 2016 for the floor. We discussed what we thought we needed if we were to become top-level gymnasts and this is what we came up with:

After our discussions, we practised single balances. 

Dodgeball Competitions

The children in Year Four today started their dodgeball competition and the results were great! The children were using different tactics and really taking on board what was taught.   We had some teams that were defensive and some teams that were extremely attaching. I’m looking forward to next week!

Dodgeball Competition

Over the next two weeks, Year Four will be using the skills they have learned from the previous five weeks. They’ve learned how to strengthen their snatch throwing and to make them more accurate. They’ve learned the rules of the game and how it works. We’ve even discussed tactics about what to do with and without the ball (the children were AMAZING at this!).

Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Block

Year Four have been learning about the fundamentals of dodgeball and this week, they learned about blocking. We set up attack versus defence games and very close range blocking. The children loved it and learned a lot about the tactics of the game. Hopefully they can use this in their competition at the end of the half term.


In Year Three, the children have been practising their throwing. We’ve thrown to each other, ourselves and in a game of cones. The children loved the game and it got harder the more times we played. As homework, the children have to design a warm up for the game to start our lesson next week.